Best Day to Start was Yesterday - Second Best is Today

Psychology of Regret post by Ness Labs resonated with me as Dr Hannah England described how we feel toward disappointment in doing or not doing something. It ends up as harming us because we let it. And it's the things we didn't do that are the most troubling. The lack of learning from inaction ends up sticking with us more than the things we may have tried but failed on. Especially when it was an option.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, had a framework he identified as "Regret minimization". Essentially, asking yourself "Will I regret not having done this?" If the answer is "maybe" or "yes", then you should attempt to do that thing. If not, then move along quickly until new information presents itself.

Stoics describe trying as being the thing that counts. Action over inaction. Never stand by and do nothing. Not today, or ever. Talking about being a good person and a person of action is only true if you act as a person who is good and try to do things.

Typing this may be the first step to repeated habits of writing and action around the startup list, podcast and blog content.