Book Review: Priceless by Lloyd Constantine

<a href="" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px"><img border="0" alt="Priceless: The Case that Brought Down the Visa/MasterCard Bank Cartel" src="" /></a><a href="">Priceless: The Case that Brought Down the Visa/MasterCard Bank Cartel</a> by <a href="">Lloyd Constantine</a><br/>

My rating: <a href="">3 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />

An interesting read that I was introduced to by a fintech bookclub - felt like much of it was namedropping and would be entirely more interesting knowing who those were (or how a case as large as Merchants' impacted their trajectory before/after). ** Something where an interactive/smart reader would improve the experience. <br /><br />It is wild how much changed since that time - debit still a boom since the GFC and credit exploded as well - there are numbers in here that are undoubtedly large, but hard to grasp the context for how much digital/mobile accelerated spending habits. Not that the author should be held to that, I think it's simply vital for the trajectory of where we've come in that time.<br /><br />As a book, the setup with Constantine's prior involvement, jumping into antitrust and setting stage for the Case was intense - I enjoyed the gusto with which he delivered glancing and impactful blows, what was brought about. To bring it into the present, I think there was an opportunity to dive into the competitive/anticompetitive nature of Visa/MC that could have been enlightening for the big tech battles that embroil Washington / courts of late.


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