Something New

Forbes X under X lists come out. Gartner releases their quadrants for the data and AI industries. Techcrunch, LinkedIn, BuiltIn - all these publications with their own top lists yearly. SOME include prior year rankings and where the startups stand. Many don't. And, understandably, they don't clutter the articles with the history - but aren't you curious?

If you simply want to follow along, go ahead and click below - I'll provide the updates as we go along! Otherwise, if you're excited to see how this grows and want it immediately - grab it below.

I read all types of rankings/lists and wonder immediately how it compared to prior iterations. The most popular visualizations (even in covid data or USA debt) recently are ones that flow through the years!

That's what I wanted to explore. Aggregating and bringing together these rankings year in and year out in startup land. With your help, we can make this bigger, by enabling and filling out the form to gather more information.

I hope this becomes the biggest information tying startups to hype lists and their results thereafter across so many industries (starting by geography and fintech/data-related).