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Ever simply sit and think about how you interact with everyone in your life?

Do you hide or not share pieces of yourself?

There is a freeing and human element to what creators/open people do consistently day in and day out by sharing skills/talents/life openly like that. Why? Because I feel that there is a lot more comfort in letting yourself be comfortable that not everyone has to like everything that you do. The more broad exposure we get across our lives, whether online or work or with friends and in the open world, the more you're likely to gravitate to what you enjoy - and not have to apologize or hide from those facts.

We're each made up of all of our past and present, friends, passions, energy, work, experiences, learnings - each path very different, even if similar. It was part of what irked me in assigning a belief about a group of people in certain company/startup/work- maybe even that you've been to similar schools. But eventually, if you zoom out, of the picture, you're more likely to find how different people arrived in that same system. Association in a close, relative bound but if you talked with any individual, you may find that everyone had different motivations and experiences that led them to land in that same spot.

I bring this up because I've been going through deeper stages of interviews with companies I'm looking to join. My resume speaks a bit to how curious and general my experience in work has trekked through, but it gets very little into who I am as a person. A few simple questions like "why did you get into finance?" or "how'd you transition into X from Y?" or "What led you to start your firm?" tease that out for why I'm attracted to operational efficiencies, workflow automation, small businesses / personal finance and business acquisitions. Why I feel passionately about investing and financial education - what I've seen that frustrates me in the space - all of that. I've kept off the fact that I've been involved in fantasy sports leagues since I could talk, sports used to be what Iived and breathed and teased out my analytical mindset. Video games drove a part of analysis, completion, challenge, game theory, logic, exploits, first foray into business/money, marketplaces, so many things. Books kept me active as a kid and I enjoy the clarity of reading in the morning with water and coffee to start the day so I feel energized prior to jumping into any work work.

I am obsessed with the potential future I've made in my head, around finance/investing/world trends/health+medicine. I enjoy sharing things I listen to or read with others that I believe may find it relevant (that is a bit more obvious as I may be an oversharer via Twitter).

All this to say, I'm fascinated and scared that so little of us make it to all of our people - being piece-meal feels so unintuitive and harmful to actually enjoying a community of people, whether that's a large group you're a part of or many separate groups.

I suppose all of this is to say it feels unnecessarily difficult in finding my people in similar intersections, but I recognize that's a product of me not sharing enough, not others (lack of) matching. My goal is to be more open about how interested I am across subjects I like, to attract those who find something interesting about those, as well.

Challenge yourself to create, be open and find your people.