2022 New Year's Thoughts

The last year made me realize how closed off and guarded I had become / truly been. It's made for a more lonely existence, even with some strong relationships. Close people don't get to be all that close but hopefully I'm more open. They see more of me.

In the interest of fully living, I hope to do better on this on being very present, in the moment and more open. I can do better. I want to do better at making those conversations and being interested in more people - it should be energizing for them, and me.

Alcohol used to be a big thing for me, especially growing up through college and out the first few years, where I thought I opened up more. However, the consumption resulted in a more destructive existence than I realized, really more as time goes on and in reflection - unhappy and thankfully didn't hurt anyone physically. Not sure how many others recognized that, certainly not many that had approached. So, primarily the depth was known only to me. Still.

It's been 8+ years where I made a conscious decision to do better, get healthier and mostly stay away from drinking to drink and loosen up. In 2018 I hyperfocused on gym and eating right. In the end of 2019 finally landed on the right motivation and program to ease into the visible body I'd been working on. Now, 2022, it's about being with friends, enjoying food with a pairing and rarely overindulging (vast decrease). It's not something to be proud of but more simply aware of how I can consciously grow, assess and improve. Not to mention the sleep/energy/focus that simply comes along with not consuming hours ahead of sleeping so your body can focus on rest/recovery.

2022 arrives and I'm ready to help lead the few people in close with to better careers, a profitable and growing business, and be able to launch myself into a more stable, full-time position in my (generalist?) skillset mix of investing, valuations, strategy and data products.
A long-term goal in the crypto space is to figure out a way for smbs to onboard into the ecosystem with rollable profits to defi so they can accelerate growth efforts with money they'd normally earmark as additional profits/discretionary income for themselves.

Additionally, I think there is a lot to look into around platforms such as dHedge.

I wish for the ability to attract the necessary attention for a few of my former students who are either seeking specific roles or companies in the coming year, so we'll see how I can help the best that I can there.

To making better 2022 than our 2021 - let's get a move on!