Sports Nerds - Is there a play/stat that you always track? Or would love to have?

As the title says, I heard about somebody at Clocktower Ventures (out of Santa Monica) that has the shot chart for Kobe Bryant's NBA career. Every shot that he ever took charted out. And I thought, that's a great idea.

Could it be anyone's shot chart? Could it be a gif of players / specific play (Patriots Seahawks come to mind, maybe Ray Allen's 3 off the miss in the finals, Jordan's buzzer beater, so many more).

We have the tracking data for most sports. Bet that for static things like a shot chart, it'd be easy. Could do home runs. Tokenize it and do NFT. I'd build that and use it as a way to help pay for baseball/football/basketball-reference using that data. Wonder if that's legal / doable. Give 10-25% of the sales to them.

Does it take off? Not sure. But I can try. Anyone want to help with how that might look in setting it up - design around it?

Reach out on Twitter and we can see.