Thinking of Work Styles

It has become more common to recognize that introversion and extraversion is not the ability to be in social settings, but rather a question of how you gain / lose energy in social situations. It's cited and pronounced that if you gain energy from these social settings, you're an extrovert. However, I think the line around this is whether you are more aligned to one-on-one vs many-to-one social settings, and then the energy part comes from an overstimulation of many more people. That would be the signal for introversion.

Interestingly, Managing Up's author Mary Abbajay, goes into depth on the types of questions that will tease out your tendency (focused on work style) and see how your boss' style meshes, with the aim of getting ahead and being as recognized as you'd prefer to be. For most, that's all of the recognition and the prestige or advancement, but it can certainly show up in different forms, and allowing the people we work with to see and feel the maximum effort being put forth.

Important to be asking yourself how your current position fits into how you work best - both in your personal work as well as your interactions with colleagues, managers, customers. Where do you have control to change this? How do you think it could improve? Where are your priorities?

As I explore this in my own space, I'll continue to speak about this.