Where are the USEFUL Financial Advisors?

I think many of us have seen that financial services creates the most millionaires (probably along with real estate, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs). There was the fintech boom for robo-advisors (NerdWallet has a '12 Best Roboadvisors' which is essentially automated investing, not even advising - including SoFi, Vanguard, Fidelity, Robinhood, Stash (invite link: here) and then the market creators betterment & wealthfront). But again - these are investments. Transfer in an account or deposit some cash, maybe provide a risk survey and then get matched into a few funds. That's not financial advising.

I'm 35 now, married, and a baby on the way. So we're thinking about this stuff further. Most people are figuring it all out with advisors by asking for friends or getting approached by others -- without really knowing what it is that they're advising on, or how comprehensive the planning really is. There are a ton of investment advisors, insurance sales, and all of the a la carte or niched who focus on whatever piece of the overall planning may be. Do you really want an advisor who doesn't cover it all? Maybe if you're trying to separate things or have different assets/business interests, but the majority of families working and with kids - probably not. These people need to be doing their jobs though and stay up to date AT LEAST once a year, but better quarterly checking in.

It's embarrassing that people continue to get ripped off for transferring over accounts, advisors get 1%+ for putting them into their captive funds, and then when they move, they move the book to the new funds (without even so much as what is different or the tradeoff). However, time, money, effort all have to go into vetting these people - and how do you do this without trusting someone? It's obnoxious. I hope we get better combinations of generative AI + human discussions for taking all of the plans. It hurts to hear we don't have this.

What started this rant? Well, outside of people that were trusted being investigated for fraud/wire problems? Or those that are 1-2% charging for nothing where nobody gives an update. Or how about the one that just cost my family (not me) taxes because of a wrongly-executed backdoor Roth that resulted in a large tax bill for no reason and no qualification that it was even necessary (it wasn't). This is unacceptable, and I wish more penalties were here. Especially between poor results, excessive social media crap (Hello MPI and infinite banking), and the dumbest disclaimer "NFA - not financial advice" for financial advice in history.

Please get better. And please make it so people have to be good at their job - fiduciaries first and foremost (and not just because it's the law, but because there's a reason to be valuable to your clients). It just seems the sales part overtakes any of the responsibilities of -advising- when the frontmen and women simply pass off all of the duties for the portfolio to backoffice and headquarters people, it loses the personal trust.

So, anyone have any advisors that are truly useful? Or fee-only planners that are excellent and care? Or noncaptive people who will run through your options and cosnider what it is that you're saying and where you are? Or is this something that AI will have to aggregate, analyze and customize for us in a manner that makes it palatable, get the scale it needs to involve a few part-time advisors/consultants?

I'm hopeful something happens soon - it really doesn't make sense that these fees that rack up haven't been competed away or tech-ed away. Let's go!